Beautiful Metal Pickguards

Crafted with extreme precision, our metal pickguards are coated with striking chrome or black chrome finishes. In addition, we produce pickguards with diamond plate or particle textures, plus guards in brushed or gloss plate (reflective) stainless steel. Anodized and powder coated finishes are available as well.

Masterpiece Pickguards make exceptional, timeless accent pieces that greatly enhance and personalize the appearance of your guitar.

Benefits of a Masterpiece Metal Pickguard

Your guitar is important to you ~ don't use a part that will wear out quickly and cheapen its appearance. A metal pickguard is much more durable than a plastic version and will last far longer. View a used plastic "mirror" guard »

A metal pickguard looks AWESOME installed and will vastly improve the appearance of your guitar. It will look MUCH better and more "high end" with a metal pickguard than it would with a plastic one. View before & after pictures »

You'll sound better ~ a metal pickguard can improve tone and clarity. Our standards are also very high, so we know that you'll love your Masterpiece Pickguard and enjoy it for many years, just like our customers. Read their comments »